As long as I can remember, there has always been a debate about who tolerates pain better, men or women. Some have said men, while others claim women are the tougher ones, using childbirth as an example of their higher threshold for physical pain. The answer is still up in the air, but this hilarious video of four Korean men getting Brazilian waxes for the very first time just might put an end to that discussion once and for all!

Much credit to the four brave young men, who not only agreed to get Brazilians for the first time in their lives, but allowed themselves to be filmed for the entire world to see. Granted, getting a full-on wax is not a big deal to most females, but for most guys, it definitely is. Not only is the idea of being completely hairless down there something most men don't even consider, but the experience of getting waxed is obviously totally foreign. Of course, some men do get Brazilians, but I'm just talking about the majority here.

And this is where the folks at Sofla come in, who produce YouTube videos of young Koreans trying things for the very first time. This time, they gathered four young men and had them get Brazilian waxes as they filmed their reactions while getting the procedure done. What ensues is some screaming, whimpering, more screaming, and some laughs in between. Basically, they guys were in a lot of pain. A LOT of it.

So there you have it. Men may act tougher than women, but if these reactions to Brazilian waxes are any indication, that toughness, for some guys anyway, might just be a big act that's got you fooled!

Faces of bravery