Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 11.51.02 AM This video of an overexcited fangirl was shot in 2010 but is currently the second most watched video trending on Twitter in Japan. The video is quite hilarious, as each member reacts differently to the fan. Taecyeon and Junho's reactions are my favorite. Since the fan greet starts off with Taecyeon, she literally starts screeching at him. He is completely surprised and seems unable to control his laughter, I felt so bad for Taecyeon. Junho took a cooler approach and teases her a little while repeatedly asking her name despite her shouting it each time she greets each member. When she yells out oppa, he yells oppa back at her too. Watch this truly hysterical fan meet: Obviously she must've been really excited and nervous to meet her favorite oppas, but people have named her crazy fan. If you've watched the video, share your reactions with us in the comments below!