Hyun Bin is looking more handsome than ever, and we have proof. The 17th Asian Games opened in Incheon, South Korea, on September 19 to great fanfare. Athletes and dignitaries from many countries were there as South Korean President Park Geun Hye presided over the opening ceremony. But, being a K-drama fan, my eyes were glued on one dashing figure in white, actor Hyun Bin, as he was one of eight flag bearers of the South Korean flag entering the stadium. And we have the video.

You can't miss the tall figure of Hyun Bin among the eight prominent figures representing top achievers from different sectors. It is an honor to be a flag bearer, and Hyun Bin certainly deserves the honor as he is not just a popular actor across Asia, but also has a highly exemplary image for having volunteered to serve in the marines for his military service. On July 3, Hyun Bin was officially appointed as the honorary ambassador for the 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014.

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The video begins with the entry of the South Korean national flag. You can hear Hyun Bin's name being announced and see him up close starting around the 02:13 time mark.  (The reporter is speaking in Chinese, but the official announcer speaks in English.) The narrator talks about Hyun Bin being a very popular actor, and the crowd cheers when his name is announced.

Before you play the video, please know that YouTube won't allow embedding of this video within the article, so when you click on the following screen, it will open up the YouTube video in another window.

Hyun Bin - Incheon Asian Games 2014

The 17th Asian Games is one of the world's biggest sport events, themed around the concept of "One Asia" united as a family. The sports in the competition program include those in the Olympic Games as well as Asian favorites such kabbadi (ancient Indian sport) and wushu (martial arts). The Games will conclude on October 4.

We wish the best to all the athletes from 45 countries who are competing in this great event.

We fans also can't wait to see Hyun Bin again! Aside from watching Secret Garden again and again, we will get to see King Hyun Bin in his first historical film,The Fatal Encounter, on DramaFever on November 1.