The Japanese regard an apology to be such a sincere gesture, that there are actually different degrees of bowing when saying sorry to someone, depending on the scale of your mess-up. So as funny as it is, no one was really surprised when a Japanese company got all of its workers to collectively bow their heads to the public for having no choice but to raise the price of their most famous product by a measly 10 yen for the first time in 25 years. I'm so sorry!

Gari-Gari kun is a popsicle most famous for its soda flavor, first bursting onto the scene 35 years ago at a price of 50 yen, which is only about 45 cents. And now, much to the dismay of the president of Akagi Nyugyo Co. and all of its employees, the price of the iconic popsicle was raised by 10 yen to 70 from its long-standing 60 yen price, due to the increase in labor and ingredient costs. Still, when you consider inflation, a 20 yen increase in 35 years is really nothing to be apologizing about, but when you're Japanese and you let others down, apologizing for your actions is just in your blood.

The recently released commercial shows all company workers standing in front of their headquarters, led by a very serious looking man, who is presumed to be the president. While the narrator of the commercial sings about the situation, about how an effort was made to avoid a price increase at all costs, the employees stand in neat rows, hands folded in front of them, looking about as sincere as anyone can look. Finally, when the 10 yen increase is finally announced, the employees collectively bow their heads, apologizing to the over 127 million citizens of Japan for their failure to keep Gari-Gari kin priced at 60 yen.

Now that's dedication.

Here's someone who's really sorry:

Even on the evening news!:

Soda, Cola and Grapefruit flavors (and many more):

Are you surprised by this level of apologizing?


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