JAYCHOU_Rooftop01 Jay Chou is one of the most influential Chinese entertainers in the East. And, in my opinion, one the best too. He even appeared in The Green Hornet along side Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz, and a handful of other films. But in 2007, Jay Chou directed and starred as the male lead in Secret, gaining recognition as a filmmaker. The Rooftop is his newest foray into the film world, and it's actually a musical! I love the retro haircuts and strong cinematography. Singer and actor Alan Kuo (Love Me Or Leave Me) is also featured in the film. They both show off quite a bit of skin, which I'm not complaining about. Here are some stills released on the film's Official Facebook Page. JAYCHOU_Rooftop02 JAYCHOU_Rooftop03 JAYCHOU_Rooftop04 JAYCHOU_Rooftop05 JAYCHOU_Rooftop06 JAYCHOU_Rooftop07 JAYCHOU_Rooftop08 JAYCHOU_Rooftop09 JAYCHOU_Rooftop10 Check out the trailer here! What do you think about the film so far? (source: www.facebook.com, www.youtube.com)