O.M.G you guys! I was at it again! First I was looking up a video for Changmin talking about something crazy but I couldn't find it. (-_-) But then! I remembered Joo Won was just too funny, and too adorable in the reality show 1 Night 2 Days, and since Level 7 Civil Servant is coming out I JUST HAD TO SHOW YOU! Get ready because this video has everything! Joo Won is dancing, and I mean he's doing body rolls! He's eating food and ok, maybe you're like "so who doesn't eat?" But Joo Won does it different! He eats food so cutely, just wait and see! He even screams "Gaksital" at the end. He does pure aegyo, and by the time the video was over I could no longer live. I'm writing this but I'm doing it not being alive. After watching the video, what was your favorite moment? Better yet who wants to just steal Joo Won and keep him forever? KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE