Park Gyu Ri KARA's Park Gyu Ri is showing much love for her work as the leading role in Nail Shop Paris by also partaking in the drama's OST. Her song, 'I Will Wait For You' was revealed through various musics sites on the morning of 10th May. The ballad consists of the singer’s sorrowful voice along with a distant piano melody blending in with the grand orchestral sound. The result is a creation of a sad and heartwarming feeling. 'I Will Wait For You' was composed by Lee Hyun Seung who is well known for composing songs, such as, Baek Ji Young’s 'Don’t Forget' and Kim Tae Woo’s 'Love Rain'. Park Gyu Ri’s unique, clear tone of voice definitely added charm to the song. Listen to Park Gyu Ri's song from 'Nail Shop Paris' OST: What do you like about the drama so far? (Source: nate news, sports korea)