Kim Hyun Joong

This is the cutest thing ever, but to be honest I was just laughing at Kim Hyun Joong the entire time! So, ok, let me set the scene! A few lucky kids who apparently saved South Korea in a past life (how else would they get so lucky to interview KHJ?!) asked him really random kiddie questions. Like, what else besides homework and parental issues are little kids gonna talk about, right? Well, Kim Hyun Joong was totally killing me the way he was answering these kids so seriously. He was giving long explanations, and even bad advice about hair dye at one point; I was just like you look so hot right now but why are you telling this seven-year-old it's ok to dye her hair?! O.M.G you all are going to totally love this clip so check it out below! What was your favorite part of the interview? KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE