Lee Jung has released a music video for his latest single, "Wish It Was You," made up of scenes from our favorite lighthearted romance, Flower Boy Next Door. The singer composed "Wish It Was You" and even modified his vocal style to produce the right sound to suit the drama. Renowned musician Hareem lends his harmonica playing to this performance. The music video itself is a compilation of Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon's most romantic moments. Check out the MV below: What is the bottom line of the song? Here's a translation: I wish it was you, the person who will laugh with me I wish it was you, the person who will walk with me I wish it was you — on our way back home in the late evening, The one person who will passionately hug me ...................... I wish it was me, the person who is next to you right now I can’t let go of you, who is turning away right now It hurts but for you, I need to… For you, I need to say goodbye now
Do you think the song captures the essence of their romance?
(Source: www.popgasa.com)