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Asian American artists Magnetic North and Taiyo Na are back with a new music video for "All On the Table," which was released earlier today! This is their first music video under Japanese hip-hop label, Goon Trax (Media Factory). Japanese music producer Robert de Boron and the trio came together to produce this emotionally charged track. The video was shot in Tokyo by Shiida Kimihiro and New York by Davidian Shaw in only two days!

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The hip hop duo Magnetic North and Taiyo Na pen lyrics and rhymes that come from a deep place, which makes it easy to connect with listeners. "All On the Table" is no exception. In an exclusive interview with Emcee Derek Kan of Magnetic North, he told us that he wrote the chorus during a transitional period in his life. The song was originally supposed to be about struggle but developed into this song with the message, "there is nothing wrong with letting go" when you've put all cards on the table. Sometimes you try and fight all you can when letting go and moving on is probably the right thing to do.

The video approaches the concept of loneliness resonating with the lonely sound of the song. It conveys how easy it is to feel so alone in a city of millions. And New York is the perfect example of a lonely place! Follow Magnetic North and Taiyo Na as they travel around New York in their latest music video and take a close listen to the words of "All On the Table":

Did you know that Magnetic North have been supporters of right from the beginning? They even performed at our launch party in 2009.

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