Wearable technology has become a regular part of daily life, but it's not all about fitness tracking, health monitoring, or navigation anymore. Now it's also about going to a party and sharing your music with everyone there through the many earphones that are connected to the long strands of hair on your stylish wig!

Aptly named Song Wig, this new invention is definitely for the party people of the world. Made up of many colorful chords, this modern wig allows the wearer to share his or her music with anyone around. Not only will this wig make you the life of the party, if you are a DJ or musician, you can share your new creations with everyone in a very intimate way. I mean, what's more intimate than having someone stick your hair in their ears? The Song Wig is embedded with a bluetooth audio receiver, digital amps, a lithium polymer battery, LED hair-tie ring with a micro-controller, and numerous earphones. That's right. You not only will look like a rockstar with your colorful wig, but you will also be a walking stereo. And if you're worried about the look, don't even be concerned. The Song Wig comes in yellow pop, classical, and reggae. So whatever music you're into, you can look the part!

And no matter what you're thinking, this wig is no joke. Developed by PARTY, a Tokyo and New York-based creative agency, this audio wearable is set to debut in Austin, Texas, at SXSW, which gets under way on March 11th. 

Let's get the party started!

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A truly wearable device!

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