Just a few weeks ago, I introduced a video produced by YouTube channel Solfa that had Korean girls hilariously answer questions about the stereotypes others had of them. Well, this time, it's the guys who are put in the same hot seat, and as you might have guessed, their responses are just as funny as the girls.

After seeing how Korean girls answered the questions about their stereotypes, the time has come to see what the guys have to say. Just like with the ladies, the questions get pretty personal, and the answers are straight up hilarious! As one of the participants in the video says, stereotypes are just that — stereotypes. Only a few Korean guys are interviewed in this video, and judging anything based on one video is not something anyone should do. So of course, the video is strictly for entertainment purposes, and it's definitely come through in that department.

So sit back and have a laugh at some young Korean guys answering questions about their stereotypes. But remember . . . it's all in the name of fun. Warning, there's some frank discussion of sexual stereotypes in the video below.