big-bang-theory-s01-17-06 There are rumors that the beloved Chinese drama The Legend of Zhen Huan is being licensed for distribution in the US. Netizens responded to the rumor with this clip featuring the Big Bang Theory cast. A dubbed-over Sheldon explains the complexities of the drama (and it's spot-on, I must say!). The clip below is the original full parody video, which shows the cast of The Legend of Zhen Huan with poorly translated names such as Flower King, Cao So Expensive. The creators of the parody are protesting the distributor for allegedly planning on cutting 76 epsidoes into 6, and dubbing over the characters. The video shows flashy "Chinglish" in addition to the characters fighting over who gets cut. And just for kicks, here's a scene from the actual Big Bang Theory with Sheldon learning Mandarin. Would you be excited to see The Legend of Zhen Huan distributed in the US? (source:,,