You must see this Heirs horror film parody video, Hide and Seek 숨바꼭질! It was made by a Korean fan as a parody of the Korean movie, Hide and Seek 숨박꼭질 2013, which is based on an urban myth and real horror stories from around the world. Watch the video and read the translation below:

What if there was a stranger in my house...?

Story : There was a weird rumor going around our neighborhood that there were people who lived other people’s house, hiding their existence.

Korean subtitles : At some point, some problematical traces are seen in our house. I can hear stranger’s breathing sound. Who and why? Do you still think that your house is the safest place?

Eun Sang : You live here alone?

Tan : If I live alone, so what

Eun Sang: People will die if they are alone!

Here is one of the real-life stories this myth is based on! Watch the hair-rasing video below filmed in New York. Believe it or not!