Coco from KdramaFighting attended the NYC Kpop Festival 2013 (so lucky, btw!), and asked various attendees to play a game of "Would You Rather...?" The results were hilarious and weird — just check out the video below:

Of course, responses don't have to be limited to the video — let us know what YOU would rather have in the comments! If you want to play along at home, the questions were:

- Would you rather switch bodies with the man you hate, or have to pretend to be a boy to be close to the man you love?

- Would you rather have Jun Pyo's mom as a mother-in-law, or fall into a coma and wake up seeing ghosts?

- Would you rather have an evil, murderous sister, or be falsely told you have cancer?

- Would you rather nearly drown in a bathtub, or get temporary amnesia?

- Would you rather have to pretend to be married to someone you don't like, or date a time traveler?