The Japanese have a reputation as being one of the most polite people in the world. One of the ways they show respect is by bowing, of which you'll encounter plenty of times if you're ever in Japan. And if you go to the city Nara, you'll even be bowed to by a deer. Yes, even Japanese animals are civilized.

Tourists often come home from their trip to Japan with stories of how polite the Japanese are, noticed as soon as you get off the plane and walk through customs and immigration at the airport. It's true, everybody is polite over there. Encountering a rude person in Japan just really doesn't happen that often. And even when it comes to animals, politeness seems to be a part of their genetic makeup too, at least according to a video that's gone viral of an adorable and well-mannered deer from Nara, a historic city and former capital of Japan, located in the Kansai region.

In the video, a deer, who's laying on the ground, gets fed by a tourist. What happens next is what has people all over the world wondering if even animals in Japan are as polite as the people are said to be. Every time the deer gets fed, and when the woman who's doing the feeding bows, the deer bows gently in return, as if to say thank you. It's the cutest thing, and the interaction between the two is something you see everywhere in Japan, all the time. But usually, it's between two people.

Check out the video below. It will definitely make you want to go out and be polite. But make sure the recipient of your respect is an actual person — not all animals will appreciate it like this Japanese deer.


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