The music video for PSY's new single, "Gentleman" is out! We're reading this one as possibly another critique of modern pop culture.

See the official video here:

Aside from PSY being a ridiculously hilarious jerk in this video, we're also amused by the appearance of Candy Crush Saga and the Infinity Challenge cast.
Plus, does that dance look familiar to you? PSY had commented during the making of the video that "Koreans know the dance but people outside Korea have not seen it." With the appearance of Ga In, I think we can guess where "the dance" is from.
Here's a clue:

Now watching one after the other, even the chorus line seems to have a strangely familiar beat (Ahem, Abracadabra anyone?). While "Gangnam Style" may have originally been made to target and critique Korean culture and society, this new video clearly has a global message. We're reading this as an evolution of dance: we see Michael Jackson moves, the "Abracadabra" dance, and a reference to the "Harlem Shake" phenomenon--three huge trends of our day.
How do you like the new video? Do you like it better than "Gangnam Style?"