Technically, TV Reporter Chen Ying was not a runaway bride but she left her wedding ceremony to carry out her duties of being a journalist.

Chen Ying was applying make up for her wedding when the massive earthquake hit Sichuan on Saturday. She did what any dedicated journalist would do and dashed out from her wedding to interview locals about the aftermath of the earthquake that killed at least 180 people and injured more than 5,500 people. The bride, who chose her job over her ceremony, reported on the unfortunate disaster still clad in her wedding gown complete with a veil and bouquet.

Here is the news coverage:

Viewers in China must have been confused at the sight of a reporter dressed in a wedding gown. The photo of the reporter pictured above went viral on Weibo and many netizens expressed their admiration for her dedication and professionalism during such a tragic time. Her employers and netizens are impressed no doubt, but there seems to be no news on the groom's reaction.

 What are you thoughts on her dedication?