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The first part of Semir's commercial for Summer 2013 with Lee Min Ho is finally out! The microfilm was shot in Taiwan about a month ago. Taiwanese model turned actress, Wang Si Ping also know as Jenna Wang, traded her sexy image for a more innocent and cute look to match Lee Min Ho in Semir's summer campaign.

The trailer starts off in a cafe, which trails into Wang Si Ping leaving work when she bumps into Lee Min Ho on the streets. It is love at first sight, and the couple go on to create memories in the summer. However there is a twist in the end which will leave you hanging:

Through out the video Wang Si Ping is saying:

What is summer? Sunshine, Colors, To be liberated

 What  is Summer? Freedom, Beauty, To escape

What is Summer? Waiting, Meeting, Blue short sleeves

 What is summer? Light, Natural, A season to break free

Part two is coming soon, we'll keep you posted! Can you imagine what happens next? Will they go their separate ways? Or will turn out to be more than just dream?