With different cultures come different ideas about the significance of infidelity in romantic relationships. How is it looked at it in Japan, where society is still very patriarchal? Take a look at what young Japanese men and women have to say about cheating in this interesting video from YouTube channel ASIAN BOSS.

As modern as Japan is, it still is a culture with deep roots in tradition, and its history is one dominated by powerful men with subservient wives who were expected to take care of their needs. But now, of course, things are changing for the better, despite the culture still having certain problems with gender equality. From my experience of growing up in Tokyo and having spent a significant amount of my young adulthood there, cheating is definitely frowned upon, but also accepted as a part of life, especially when it's the man who's doing the cheating. I actually remember a male friend who went to a hostess club with his pals right after his own wedding to celebrate his marriage! But of course, if men think they're the only ones getting away with cheating on their lovers, they've got a rude awakening, as seen by the answers given by young women in the video you're about to see.

It's definitely interesting to see the perspective of young Japanese men and women regarding relationships, and to hear what's accepted and not accepted as being faithful. For example, both guys and girls consider it cheating when you hook up with someone else, but if that someone else is a prostitute, it's no big deal. I know—it's crazy, but definitely interesting. Love is truly a mystery, no matter what culture you're from.

What do you think about their opinions on cheating?


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