It's been established that Japan is quite innovative when it comes to tackling the growing problem of loneliness in their country. There are the cuddle cafes, the rent-a-boyfriend—and now there is a special girlfriend coat with features that makes you feel like you have a girlfriend. The coat was designed by a group of Japanese students from the University of Tsukuba and developed by Maito Omari. The software engineer Kota Shinbayashi said that the coat looks normal but it comes with a belt and headphones.

So how does this work?

The special belt creates the sensation that the coat wearer is hugged from the back. The winding belt is attached in the waist which makes it feel like a girlfriend's hug:

The developer of the coat, Omari, came up with the idea based on the thought, "if I have a girlfriend I think it is a good situation that she suddenly hugs me when I wait for her at the station." The headphones are wired to the coat and play female voice recordings with common phrases a girlfriend might say. One of the typical phrases is "Sorry I'm late."

The coat is not on the market to be purchased yet. Ironically, the garment is called Riajyuu Coat, which is slang for someone who has a good life. It is typically used to mean that your friends like the person you're dating.

Make sure to check out the demo video:

Would you buy one if it went on the market? Or would you wait for the boyfriend edition? Tell us what you think of this invention in the comments below!