TaecyeonSingsforyou 2PM launched a music request program for the KBS WORLD YouTube Channel. We're sharing here episode 4, which features Taecyeon singing Michael Bublé's "Haven't Met You Yet." Here's how you participate:
1. Record a video which includes a song request with your own story and the reason why you request it (there is no limit to the duration of the video. Clear audio and video qualities are preferred) 2. Upload the video on a video sharing website (You Tube) 3. Post the video URL and a short request summary at the 2PM A SONG FOR YOU Facebook.
JYP_TaecyeonTaecyeon_HaventMetYouYet Taecyeon_HaventMetYouYet02 Check out the video here! How lovable is Taecyeon? Who is your favorite 2PM member? Remember that Taecyeon will be on WE GOT MARRIED: GLOBAL EDITION, and sign up for alerts today! (source: www.facebook.com, youtube.com)