Now, there are only 3 episodes of Heirs left but I don’t have time to be sad because I just met the perfect couple of Heirs in these fan parody videos. Yes. That couple is Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Young Do (Kim Woo Bin). Two heirs from rival families, who have never received sincere love from their parents, are about to cross the line called ‘friend’. Tan and Young have to fist fight each other not to give up their love instead of crying.

These are parodies of the K-drama What Happened in Bali. My Love, from the Bali OST, is being played from the beginning of this tragic love story. This devil's editing of parody makes me keep playing this forbidden love, and the lyrics of My Love blow the fire. Can I be the one in this world? Can I be the one in the nest world? If you promise that, even if today is the last I won’t be afraid. My Love.

1st clip of What Happened to the Two Heirs.

Tan : Are you sure we’re going to date, and then break up? How’re you doing?

Title : What Happened to the Two Heirs.

Young Do: It’s my honor to welcome you here.

Hyo Shin’s father : This is the son of Mr. Choi. Hyo Shin’s junior in school.

Secretary : They met in U.S by accident, he stayed for a few days in your son’s house.

Tan’s father : Stayed? Just two of them?

Rachel : You know Kim tan and I get engaged? If we become brother and sister, you and Tan become brother-in-lows?

Young Do: Why did you take this?

Rachel : It’s heard that Kim Tan likes you.

Vice principal : Same of you. Choi Young Do, bring your father.

Tan's mother : You have been dating without my knowledge?

Tan : Mom, talk to me. It’s hard enough for him because I like him.

Tan's monter : Tell me again, what?

Tan : I said I like him.............Young Do.

Young Do : Don’t call me like that.

Tan : How much longer do I have to bear it?

Young Do : I want to kill myself every time I see you. Why don’t you listen?

Tan : I’m sick of this.

2nd clip of What Happened to the Two Heirs

Tan : How far are you going to go? How much longer do I have to bear it?

Young Do : I warned you. Don't protect me. Why don't you listen?

Tan : I'm sick of this. If that's what you want, then I will leave alone.....stop being a cute.

Young Do : I have to eat noodle next time so I can see you again.

Tan's father : Hi, Young Do. If you break up with Tan from now, I will give you two weeks. You can see Tan all you like in those two weeks..........He left Korea.

Why does Heirs have such a fantastic fan with golden hands? As Myeong Soo says, Lines are there for you to cross, and don't be prejudiced in gender when it comes to love. I will follow him. Can I get back to Tan and Eun Sang’s love story?