What's a pet owner, a Shih Tzu owner in this case, supposed to do when the once-cutest dog on the world just doesn't seem so cute anymore? Maybe it's the dog's attitude; maybe it's the owner's problem. Or maybe the owner just wanted to have some fun. Either way, a video on YouTube shows the world's cutest doggy teddy bear.

Hey, no harm done. Owner's happy, dog seems happy, there's happiness all around. By cutting out an actual teddy bear (make sure the teddy bear is close in color to your dog) and taking out all its insides, then cutting out the face, the entire back, and the bottoms of two feet, the owner of this Shih Tzu named Munchkin created an actual teddy bear outfit! Not only did it turn her dog into a cute teddy bear in an instant, there's the added bonus of doubling as a warm winter outfit.

So if you own a Shih Tzu and also want a real live teddy bear, all you need to do is put in about 15 minutes of your time and make your dog an outfit. In no time will you have the cutest doggy teddy bear around.

Check out the short clip below.

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Munchkin the doggy teddy bear