As much as Americans love giving our famous people nicknames, the Chinese seem to enjoy it just as well, and maybe even a little bit more. Brought to you by the folks over at YouTube channel Double Chen, here are 25 funny nicknames given to Western celebrities by Chinese netizens, some of which you may start using yourself!

Forget J.Lo, Bey and Yeezy. Sure, those nicknames are cool enough, but they got nothing on Queen of Starbucks and Eldest Cousin. Just last month, a video was uploaded onto YouTube introducing nicknames given to Western celebrities by Chinese internet users, and the video is definitely worth a watch. As funny as the names are, they are not just given arbitrarily, which is what makes them all the more entertaining. For example, Nicki Minaj's Chinese nickname is Spicy Chicken, but there's actually a reason for this designation. Apparently, “Minaj” sounds kind of like “numbingly spicy chicken”, or “ma la ji”, in Chinese. But at least she gets a cool nickname. Demi Lovato, on the other hand, is called Dull Rice or Dumb Rice. I guess the pronunciation of Demi in Chinese isn't so flattering.

Not only are all the nicknames funny for what they are, but because they are created according to impressions of these celebrities and in the context of the Chinese language, it's almost like they have extra meanings behind them. As if that's any consolation for One Direction, who's been given the wonderful name of Little Broken/Crappy Team. For their sake, I hope they know what they're called before and if they go on their next Chinese tour.

For that and a whole lot more, check out the video below. You may just find some nicknames that you'll want to adopt.


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