Pandas, and more specifically, baby pandas, are some of the most playful animals around, often seen laying and rolling around without a care in the world. With countless online videos showing these gentle creatures amusing themselves, it's pretty much impossible to pick the cutest. But this recent video of a cuddly baby panda messing with its caretaker pretty much takes the cake.

Everyone loves pandas, and if you don't already, watching the video below of the baby panda refusing to be separated from its caretaker who has work to do will make you a fall in love. The caretaker, who no doubt loves the mischievous baby, is trying to gather some bamboo, but the panda just wants to cling onto and hug his lower leg. This obviously becomes a problem, and how the caretaker deals with it and how the baby panda deals with getting dealt with not only make you laugh, it will literally melt your heart.

Guaranteed, this adorable panda will be one of the cutest things you've ever seen. And while you're at it, a few other too-cute panda videos for your Wednesday. Enjoy!

This baby is not taking no for an answer.

Baby panda sneeze scares mama.



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