I came across this Japanese commercial for a chewing gum brand Gumi Gum, and I just don't understand it. There's a guy with a giant gum hat on his head on a beach lounging with half his body in a Great White Shark.

During the whole commercial this shark is just chewing on his body and the guy is speaking as if he's completely over and bored with the situation.

But then this lady comes out of nowhere, and pets the shark (supposedly saying it's her pet), while in the background two bikini clad girls just watching like it's no big deal. Yes, because everyday on the beach someone is just lounging while being chewed by a shark!

But then all of a sudden the lady is being chewed by her own shark and she's laughing. Seriously wth is this commercial? It's so weird and funny but umm (o_0)

Just watch this Gumi Gum shark commercial for yourself:

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE