If you've never heard of Shila Amzah before, you're surely to remember her name now after watching these videos of her covering her favorite Kpop songs. Already widely popular in Asia, this beautiful Malaysian vocalist is finally getting noticed by those who live in the West with her heartfelt renditions of Korean hits.

Shila Amzah, whose real name is NurShahila binti Amir Amzah, is a Malaysian and international recording star, but that's not all she's known for. She's also a record producer, actress, and entrepreneur, having launched her own clothing line and boutique in June of 2016. She was also appointed Malaysia's ambassador of tourism by the country's deputy prime minister, which shows you just how big of a deal in her home country. Besides the success she enjoys in Malaysia, Shila has made a name for herself in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, becoming the only Malay artist to make it big in the Chinese charts. She's received countless nominations from awards shows all over Asia, and finally, she's getting some exposure to the West by way of YouTube.

On her YouTube channel, Shila has been uploading videos of herself covering her favorite Kpop songs, and the moment you see her, you will know why she's such a star. She sings BIGBANG's "Last Dance," "Come Back Home" by 2NE1, "Whistle" by BLACKPINK, and "You Are My Everything" from Descendants of the Sun, the last of which she dedicated to her boyfriend who lives far away from her. Prepare to be impressed. The girl can sing. You can follow her on Twitter and/or Instagram if you dig her, of which you most surely will.