ebert-0041365105421_image_1024w The late Roger Ebert was one of the most influential voices in the world of film, and in particular, Asian and Asian American cinema. Ebert has famously supported a number of Asian American films, including screening Eric Byler's Charlotte Sometimes at his own film festival betterlucktomorrow01 In this video at the Sundance Film Festival, Ebert stands up in defense of Justin Lin's film, Better Luck Tomorrow after an audience member tells the filmmakers that they should not have made a film that is in his opinion "amoral for Asian Americans." Don't miss Ebert's response: "What I find offensive and condescending about your statement is nobody would say to a bunch of white filmmakers, 'How could you do this to your people?' This film has the right to be about these people, and Asian American characters have the right to be whoever they want to be!" Ebert says. The film was directed by by Justin Lin, who also directed several Fast and Furious movies, and stars Sung Kang, who also appeared in In his review, Ebert writes, "Better Luck Tomorrow is not just a thriller, not just a social commentary, not just a comedy or a romance, but all of those in a clearly seen, brilliantly made film." Rest in peace, Roger Ebert!