A new mashup video of 22 animated Disney movies has gone viral, bringing with it a compilation of clips to a catchy tune that is sure to get you dancing along with your favorite characters.

Edited to the beats of "Pop Culture" by Madeon, this new three and a half minute mashup music video titled Fan.tasia will take you on a journey through every Disney animated movie made since 1989. With almost 30 years of Disney history captured in one short video, editor Lindsay McCutcheon's creation has garnered almost 2.5 million views in a little over a week, and it's easy to see why. Not only will the music make you want to get up and boogie, the shots in the video will make you feel like you're celebrating Disney's history with all the players involved, and by that I mean with Aladdin, Mulan, Anna and Elsa, Pocahontas, and all the others. It really is a pretty magical video.

Check out the video below. If you're a Disney fan, you're absolutely going to love it. And if you're not that into Disney . . . you're probably going to love it, too.


Uncontrollably Fond (Lightly, Ardently)

Starring Kim Woo Bin and Bae Su Ji (Suzy)

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