The world's population is currently at 7.3 billion, growing at a rate of an astounding 80 million people a year. By 2038, 10 billion of us are expected to be living on this planet, sharing increasingly limited space and natural resources during a time of intense climate change. As we all try to get along and appreciate each other despite our differences in values and beliefs, let's take a look at what life would be like if humanity existed in a village of 100 people. 

When dealing with numbers that are so large, like in the billions as is the case for the human population, it's sometimes difficult to grasp the significance shown in statistics simply because of the fact that the numbers are so high and unrelatable. So to better understand the situation regarding Earth and all of our brothers and sisters who inhabit it, the folks over at GOOD MAGAZINE came up with a video that shows us what society would look like if humanity had a population of only 100. 

It's definitely interesting to be able to see the breakdown of ethnicities, languages, and even religious beliefs, when there are only 100 people on the planet. For example, when it comes to language, 12 people would speak Mandarin, 6 Spanish, 5 English, 4 Hindi, and 3 Arabic. What about the remaining 70 people you ask? The rest would speak a total of 6500 different languages!

As the years go by, and the world gets more and more populated, it seems like the quality of life for those in poorer nations is improving compared to back in 2000 when the same project was carried out. Back then, in the human village of 100 people, 17 had no access to clean water (now only 13), 25 had no roofs over their heads (now down to 23), and 20 were malnourished (15 today). Sure, that's still people in the billions who basically have nothing and something that we need to strive to change. 

One thing I noticed besides the basic facts and life statistics was the discrepancy in how much individuals got paid for their work. Out of 100, only 1 person makes over 90 dollars a day, and he has more money than half of the entire village! Yes, it's true. Even in the human village of 100 people, it's all about the top 1%. The rest of us are the 99 percenters. Doesn't seem like that's going to change for a while, and even if it does, who knows if it will be for the better or worse.