YaoYao MacTodayYaoYaoGuoShuYao Taiwanese actress Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao) from T-Drama hit Office Girls and more recently, Substitute Princess, has been keeping busy! She's working on her music career and recently came out with a new movie titled "Courage." Yao Yao tells us all about her new work in the video below, translations included!
Yao Yao: Hello readers of MacToday! I am Guo Shu Yao. Yao Yao: Today's shoot? Okay well, it was definitely a fresh experience. The clothes that were picked out for me today were all very ladylike, and I was holding a prop the whole time which is different. So this has been really fun and new for me. Yao Yao: I basically, well, am an Apple fan. Let's just say that Apple products have become a necessity for me. I basically use it just about every single day, days working or just relaxing. I'd say it takes up about 80% of my life! Yao Yao: When I started to work on the film "Courage" - I realized what a challenge this was going to be. I had to play tug of war, with no body doubles the whole time. I really had to become a part of the team and feel the role. Because of this movie, and meeting these wonderful women it made me realize that there is so much more to a glance. I trained myself to really feel the parts and be able to cry on demand. I was never one to cry much but this experience had open me up to a new level of expression. Yao Yao: Check out more news about me on this month's MacToday!
I thought the song they used for the video by Yao Yao was adorable! Netizens commented that Yao Yao has really grown up into a lovely young women. I remember a few years back when she had just started modeling she wasn't very highly regarded, but recently she has been gaining a lot more praise as an actress and performer. Do you think Yao Yao has grown? (source: www.facebook.com, youtube.com)