No matter where we're from, as long as we finished high school, or even considered going to university, we've all probably taken some kind of standardized test. Here in the United States, we all take the SAT, which tests a student's skills in critical reading, writing and mathematics. So how hard are the questions given to American students? Well . . . watch some young Korean men and women take the math test to find out!

As someone not so good at advanced mathematics, watching this video made me wonder how I would do on the SAT math section now, after having not opened a math book in god knows how long. I'm sure I would fare a lot worse than these young Koreans on YouTube channel Solfa's video, who all took the American standardized test for the very first time. Watching them answer the questions and comment on them at the same time is interesting to say the least, as they give their opinions on the level of difficulty of the math questions compared to what they're used to answering. But as expected, there are the math whizzes and not-so-whizzes everywhere, and Korea is no exception.

Ready . . . you may begin!

For all of you getting ready to take the SAT, or any other form of college entrance exam, good luck to you. And for the rest of us, cheers for never having to take anything like that again!


Beautiful Gong Shim

Starring Namgoong Min and Bang Min Ah

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