If there were annual awards given out to bus drivers from around the world, this bus driver from China would without a doubt receive the "U-turn of the Year" award. Just check out the impossible move he made a few days ago to avoid a flooded street in China . . . Incredible!

As many of you probably saw in the news, parts of northern and central China have recently been hit with torrential amounts of rain, which has caused severe flooding, damaging homes, disrupting transportation and even taking lives in multiple cities across the land. But despite all the rain, public transportation continued to serve the people of Xingtai, getting them safely to and from their destinations. And the biggest hero of all was a bus driver for the No. 6 city bus, who made what is the most incredible U-turn that I have ever seen.

As a driver, making a U-turn requires decent skill, and depending on the situation, a certain amount of courage and determination. Because failing, in the worst ways, can mean a ticket or even an accident, and no one wants anything to do with either of those. So when this driver saw that the tunnel straight up ahead was flooded, he pulled a move only a true professional driver would even consider. He stopped the bus, and made a U-turn, despite the length of the entire bus being about as equal as the width of the road he was driving on! You have to see for yourself. 

Should be impossible!

Yes, I think I would give up right about here. This bus driver has to be one of the best bus drivers in the world.

"And the U-turn of the Year goes to . . ."