When I was a little kid growing up in Tokyo, we had emergency drills every year at school in preparation for the huge earthquake that was someday sure to strike. Fortunately the big one never came, but the fact is that Tokyo and surrounding areas are due for a massive tremor any day now. To prepare for this natural disaster, a famous zoo held a drill that simulated a frightened zebra escaping an enclosure, and it's so ridiculous it'll make you forget about earthquakes altogether!

Visitors at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo never imagined that they'd be laughing so hard that day, but luckily for them, they witnessed an earthquake drill that was worth the entrance fee and then some. In preparation for a disastrous earthquake, zoo officials carried out their annual emergency drill, and this year, zookeepers had to subdue a zebra that had escaped a destroyed enclosure. This all sounds like a routine drill, but watching it unfold will show you there's nothing routine about it. The zebra, which is actually a zookeeper in a costume, walks on two feet like a person, and when she tries to escape, she causes a fellow zookeeper to have a heart attack! Before she finally gets tranquilized with a stun gun and loaded onto a pick-up truck, she injures another zookeeper, but by this time, not one visitor watching the ordeal is taking it seriously. 

Yumi Tamura, the young woman under the zebra costume, is usually in charge of taking care of monkeys and gorillas. "The zebra is an animal that easily panics," she said. "I myself felt panicky when acting it out." 

Poor zebra is frightened

Is she conscious?

A snow leopard almost escaped last year from a different zoo!