I can't even say I love this song because I only heard it once, and I need a moment. However I love the MV, even with all the crazy unnecessary use of headgear. Being a creepy, cool, and smoldering hot vampire is one thing; being a creepy,cool, and smoldering hot vampire with a shiny swirl of a cone head, and crystal face mask with hood that makes you look like Voldemort—well, that's just not flattering.


For the most part I thought this was an awesome video. It really fits Jaejoong's overall "edgy" vibe, and all you fangirls and boys out there will surely appreciate the tattoo shots, cold with a touch of yearning gazes into the camera, and his fang-banger-approved attempt at being a vampire. Check out the video below: But seriously who thinks Jaejoong NEEDS to star in a Vampire drama?! KrisE! @k_kisses_krise