Kim Soo Hyun

Maybe God is too much? How about king? Actually, we'll just say he's a total winner in the world of CFs! Kim Soo Hyun recently received the award for Model of the Year from the TVCF Awards. Basically, it's an awards ceremony and festival for the wonderful world of advertising. His smile, good looks, and his role in The Moon that Embraces the Sun resulted in him representing everything from pizza to jewelry. Because I'm such a visual person, I gathered a few of his cf's so we can all see why he earned the award.

A cute and romantic Beanpole cf with Suzy!

O.M.G this cf is the cutest! Kim Soo Hyun and a fluffy white puppy!!

Kim Soo Hyun, chocolate and snow. It doesn't get any better than that.

Which cf is your favorite? KrisE! @k_kisses_krise