Ten and Chi bathroom

So you're out with a group of friends at Ten and Chi restaurant, meaning heaven and earth, in Shinjyuku, Tokyo. You're knockin' back glasses of whatever like a camel being without water for 20 days, and then it hits you! That feeling like you really have to go to the bathroom. You excuse yourself for a moment, and take a walk through the over-the-top interactive themed establishment until you walk into the bathroom. Okay, so there are giant heads protruding from the walls. Not a big deal, it's a themed restaurant after all and so you move forward with your bathroom plan. Well, in this restaurant the bathroom experience might just cause you to pee on your pants, literally! These aren't your average oversized heads—they move, make noise, and even touch you! Seriously, check out the video below to see just what happens when you visit the bathroom of Ten and Chi! Would you freak out in the bathroom? Or would you kind of expect something to happen since the whole restaurant is themed? KrisE! @k_kisses_krise