This is probably the most famous, most recognizable and to some, the most annoying song played throughout Boys Over Flowers. "Almost Paradise" is a total classic! I personally feel it should be played whenever you're luxuriating. When you're lounging poolside press play, when you're building sand castles on the beach press play, and of course when you're pulling into the mall parking lot "Almost Paradise" should be on blast! Now that you know how to rock out to it, all that's left is knowing who sang it!


(Left to Right)

Kim Joon, Park YunHwa, Leader Shin Min Chul


Recognize someone? It's none other than F4's own Song Woo Bin played by Kim Joon! Now T-MAX was at one point 5 members then 3, then 4, or 4 then 3. They're like the Destiny's Child of KPOP, I seriously CANNOT keep up. Sadly they've recently disbanded but good thing video captured the past! Check out T-MAX performing "Almost Paradise" live for their Japanese fans! Make sure to keep watching after the song ends; it's an explosion of cuteness!!

Do you love "Almost Paradise," or is it just the most annoying song ever? Share your thoughts in the box below! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE