Most traditional origami is geometric, but Vietnamese artist Hoàng Tiến Quyết produces curved paper forms using a difficult technique known as wet-folding.

This technique gives a softer, less angular look to Hoàng’s extraordinary origami animals. This wet-folding technique is much more difficult that traditional paper folding because if too little water is added, the paper dries too soon, and if too much is added, the paper will rip. However, the wet folding technique allows more flexibility for Hoàng to manipulate the paper into the designs he wants.

Hoàng Tiến Quyết has been folding origami for years, and in 2008, when he was only 20 years old, he began inventing his own forms. He has co-authored two books on origami in 2011 and 2013 and has been invited as a guest to various international origami conventions, including conventions in Italy, Germany, France, and Japan.

Take a look at these amazing works of art below:

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If you loved these whimsical origami animals, you can check out more of Hoàng Tiến Quyết's work on his TumblrFacebookFlikr, and Instagram and learn how to create your own masterpieces from his YouTube tutorials.

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