Hey guys! I've been living in Seoul for a bit now and have been meaning to get around to the Coffee Prince Cafe! That's right, the exact cafe that the drama was filmed in! It's still in business, so I decided I'd stop by this past weekend and take some pictures. Here's a tour of the very nostalgic coffee prince coffee shop (with my pro photography skills!).

Hmmm, by far the most difficult part of the journey was finding the cafe. It's actually quite close to where I live, but down a side street. However, once we came upon this sign...we knew we were in the right place. In case you can't read Hangul, it says Coffee Prince!

Next, we stumbled upon this sign which I thought was a menu! However, now that I read it, it's just informing us that we can't take pictures unless we buy something. Disappoint. Fortunately, we did buy something, so we progressed past this checkpoint!

The exterior is super representative of the way the coffee shop looked in the drama, so things were already looking good. I heard that they even have the van some days, but it wasn't there when I went. I guess they were running coffee related errands? Anyway, before I could take any more pictures of the outside, an (overly) eager waitress quickly ushered my friend and I inside and to a table.

It was actually way more packed than I expected it to be! I'm pretty sure we got the last table in the whole place. Anyway, the decorations were super nice and the walls were all decorated in drama related doodles or signatures. Speaking of signatures...

Bam! Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo's signatures! They were just hanging on the wall so I quickly snapped some pics while our scary waitress was tending to other people. Sorry, the name tags got blurred in my panic!

Finally, we found the real menus! Yay! Okay, let's be real here....how overpriced is this?! 18 dollar sherbet? I guess we're paying for atmosphere, but still. Needless to say, I was still happy to be visiting this drama landmark. After we ordered our drinks, our waitress got switched to a nice waiter, so the trip became a lot more enjoyable.

Hooray! Our drinks are finally being made!

And there they are! It's a grapefruit smoothie and....iced mocha? I think that's right! Anyway, they were pretty good and knowing that they were made in the Coffee Prince shop made them even better. Overall, it was a really fun trip and I'd definitely recommend you stop by when you make your trip to Seoul! Make sure you watch Coffee Prince before you do!