We brought you the teasers, and just a few hours ago VIXX released the music video for "Error," which serves as the title track and name of the group's second mini album. N, Ravi, Hongbin, Ken, Leo, and Hyuk have a new take on their usual strong, dark concept, this time turning into cyborgs for the sake of love. We also have an update on their U.S. Showcase tour happening in November.

Slightly reminiscent of I, Robot and Minority Report, the video of their newest track starts off with shells of robots in the background followed by a pan where we can see the whole group in different stages of development; however, Hongbin is seemingly the only one who is whole. 

The video's story leads into flashes of Hongbin's lost love, who he is trying to recreate, only to be caught by men in black suits who try to steal her away after running a test that deems the robot girl was created illegally. Hongbin manages to steal her away, and the couple runs to a lab where they deactivate themselves rather that be separated from each other again.

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The track is an odd, yet catchy, combination of electronic dance music, ballad vocals, and traditional pop that is distinctly VIXX. You can almost isolate each sound by the member with Leo and Ken carrying the ballad portion, N and Hyuk holding up the traditional K-pop feel, Ravi's rap, and Hongbin's stunningly deep solo that was giving a robotic effect to carry the cyborg theme. The visuals and choreography of the video also lived up to the Jellyfish Entertainment's claim that this comeback's concept would be the group's strangest yet. I have to agree, so watch the video below:

And as promised, an update on the group's U.S. Showcase tour. Limelight Entertainment, the company in charge of the tour, released an apology statement to VIXX, Jellyfish Entertainment, and STARLIGHTS via Facebook earlier: "We would like to officially apologize to fans and concert attendees for frustration that we at Limelight Entertainment Group may have caused all of you. Our company’s mission is to provide you all with highest quality production that has previously not been seen in the US. Due to a problem in operations within the company, ticketing information was released without sharing the information with Jellyfish Entertainment in advance.Ticket prices and package details were created and delivered by Limelight Entertainment Group, not Jellyfish Entertainment..." (Read the full statement here). 

Basically, the shows are still on, but they are re-crafting both stops of the tour to better suit VIXX and their fans. If you have a ticket for Chicago already, you can receive a refund if you are unhappy with the changes. If you are waiting for New York City tickets, the sale of tickets has been delayed until Limelight and Jellyfish solve the ticketing issue.

Now I want to know what you think! Are you a fan of VIXX? Are you watching Ken in Boarding House No. 24? How do you feel about their newest release "Error"? Will you going to see the group during their US Showcase Tour? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments below or tweet @Hallyu_Tanya!