Starlight flooded New York City last night as VIXX fans gathered to watch an epic performance on the second stop of their American showcase. Let's take a look at highlights from the show!  

VIXX opened with an intense performance of their new song "Error." Each member poured his emotions into expressing the anguish of the song with facial expressions, vocals, and choreography.  

Even though VIXX had just performed in Chicago the night before, they didn't let that stop them from filling the room with magnetic energy! Their vocals were on point, and fans rocked out to each song along with the boys. Let's take a look at each gorgeous member!







It was especially exciting for me to see Ken because not only is he my bias, but he is also currently starring in Boarding House No. 24, which you can watch right here on DramaFever!

After the first song, the group members took a break to introduce themselves and greet their Starlights. They expressed how happy they were to perform in New York City for the first time. Aren't they adorable?

Then it was back to singing and dancing! Halfway through, they took another break to answer fans' questions. Then they made a quick costume change into slick, white coordinating outfits and continued to perform an amazing number of their most popular songs, never letting up. 

Thanks so much for an amazing show, VIXX! Starlights will remember this night as one of the best of their lives.  Good luck with your future tours and come back soon! 

We will be posting our exclusive video interview with VIXX and the Nutty Nomads soon, so stay tuned!

Were you at the concerts in NYC or Chicago? Weren't they amazing? Who is you bias? Comment below!