Welcome Dispatchers to the Voice Drama Club. Today’s cases include murders, kidnapping, golden time, superheroes, and more. Firnlambe is out this week, but will be with us in the Dispatch Center next week. So come join DeShonda and I, Tiara, as we start our own evidence board.


Tiara: What a way to open a new series with on the on edge of your seat hoping the killer doesn’t get to his victim. I swear I could hear my own heartbeat watching the opening. It’s a bold move to start out with a horrific death, but for a crime drama it makes perfect sense. What did you think about the opening DeShonda?

DeShonda: On the edge of my seat doesn’t even begin to describe my feeling about this opening. I absolutely loved it! The opening scene really kept my attention and made me have more questions than answers. So far this drama is giving me the same feeling when I watched Signal. There was never a dull moment and the scene was very intense. I really love when a good crime drama does that to me.

Tiara: Signal was a drama this past year which I missed but is on my list. I think now, I’m going to need to move it up to a drama marathon. I’m a sucker for a good crime drama. OCN is known for putting out some of the best and Special Investigation Team Ten is in my top KDrama list of all time. Which that being said, I super excited to see more about the emergency center. Most drama will focus on the detectives or a special team put together to catch a murder, but the one who answer the 911 calls are just important. Case in point, the dummy who called the victim being chased by a killer. The dispatcher totally got her killed.


DeShonda: I agree with you Tiara when it comes to the emergency center. Those men and women that answer those calls have a very important job no doubt. When a victim calls, their life is in their hands. I really want to see more about the emergency center as well. Oh absolutely that dispatcher got her killed. I was very upset watching that scene because it could have been handled another way. What do you think about our lead actor and actress Tiara?

Tiara: Lee Hana as Kang Kwon Joo is pretty awesome. She is the dispatcher who picked up Moo Jin Hyuk’s wife call while being hunted down. At the beginning, she’s very new to the job and a little naive, but dude her time in America learning a different countries set up did her good. It also doesn’t hurt to be a superhero with her hearing ability. Jang Hyuk as Moo Jin Hyuk (former detective) is a man who needs to get some help. I totally understand grief is handled differently by everyone but he’s angry, bitter, and totally reckless. He has a sick son, but continuously gets in fights, loses his position as detective, and pretty much has given up on life. Yes, he has a right to be angry, but he should be fighting to live.


DeShonda: I agree with you about Kang Kwon Joo. I really like her however, I wasn’t sure if I would at the start of this drama. I am glad that she became more commanding after she was promoted. I really like that she has this supersonic hearing ability. Kang Kwon Joo and Moo Jin Hyuk are kind of butting heads now, but they each need each other more than they realize. I agree with you about Moo Jin Hyuk as well. This poor man really does need help. It’s obvious that wounds have not healed and he is still grieving his wife’s death. But our Moo Jin Hyuk sure does have a temper! In a way I don’t blame him. And my heart really went out for him when we realized that his son was sick. He really needs to get his act together in order to take care of him because being a single father is difficult, but it’s a double whammy when the child is very ill.

Tiara: I totally hope so too. Butting heads is a nice way of putting it, DeShonda. Ha! Jin Hyuk totally hates Kwon Joo, but I understand why he does. He thinks she screwed up. A man name Go Dong Chil was found with Jin Hyuk’s wife’s blood which doesn’t mean he’s the killer IMO considering Jin Hyuk contaminated the scene when he stumbled into the crime scene drunk. However, Kwon Joo’s sonic hearing was able to pick up the voice of the killer and a clicking noise possibly his jaw? During the trial, the recording entered into evidence isn’t the whole recording at least it looks to be that way. Kwon Joo is positive her father’s dead and Jin Hyuk’s wife’s death were done by the same man. At this time, we’d don’t know much about her father’s death, but I believe her.


DeShonda: I was thinking the exact same thing you were Tiara. I don’t think Go Dong Chil is the killer either. That’s right! During the trial Kwon Joo did pick up on the killer's voice! The recording was definitely cut short when it was played in court. When the time comes, the rest of that recording is going to reveal some very important information about the killer. I believe Kwon Joo as well when it comes to the death of her father. I am hoping that we will learn more about what happened to him.

Tiara: More information will be shared with us over time about Kwon Joo’s father’s death. It was supposedly ruled as part of an accidental hit-and-run, but I get the feeling our Rain Coat Dude will be showing up over the run of the drama. Not to mention once Jin Hyuk can jump on the bandwagon, we can finally get to see the evidence board of Kwon Joo. That’s a lot of red string connecting things. Speaking of Rain Coat Dude, DeShonda do you get the feeling that some of the men in suits could be working for him?


DeShonda: That Rain Coat Dude is very suspicious and he gives me a very bad feeling. I have no doubt that we will be seeing him throughout this drama. That evidence board is super important and I am hoping we can see more of it and how everything connects. Something is telling me that some of those men in suits are working for him. Which makes everything more intense in my opinion. It may be too early to tell right now though.

Tiara: Very true, it’s still early to confirm, but theories are just way too much fun. I’m keeping my eye on Police Commissioner Byun Gon and Chief Jang. They don’t like or want Kwon Joo in the department which just makes me suspicious of their reasoning. As for Rain Coat Due, we do know a few things about him. He likes to wear a nice suit, tie, and shoes. If the murders between our leads family is the same killer, he changes his weapon to kill. Why these two people? Are there more he’s killed and don’t know about it?

DeShonda: There is definitely some connection between the two murders. I was wondering the same questions as well? Have Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk crossed paths before this somehow? I think that we will find out more victims in his path. Again I have more questions than answers but that what I really am enjoying about this drama so far. Nothing is straightforward and everything is just suspicion.


Tiara: You’re right, DeShonda. Everyone at this police department is weary of Kwon Joo. The rumors say she was paid off for testifying for Dong Chil’s innocent and this was how she was able to pay for her training in the States. I don’t think anyone trust or believes in each other. Yet, Kwon Joo’s reasoning for started a “Golden Time” unit force is pretty awesome. I’m impressed with her skills when dealing with Bok Nim’s call. Granted, Bok Nim should’ve not have followed a stranger anywhere. Sure more murders are committed by someone you know, but stranger murders do happen. This is why you stay in public places.

DeShonda: There are a lot of trust issues going on, you are correct about that. I really liked when Kwon Joo started the “Golden Time Team” and made Jin Hyuk the team leader. I truly believe that it was a good choice. I was very impressed with Kwon Joo when she was talking to Bok Nim. I was so scared for her and I really admired her bravery as well. Indeed, she should not have followed a stranger home at all and it was a very scary situation for Bok Nim. Her kidnapper is really a sick individual. But I really liked her willingness to try and fight back her attacker.


Tiara: Kwon Joo just won’t take no for answer which is hilarious. Hyun Ho and Eun Soo may not want the job on the Golden Time Unit but they are going to do it or be put in a position they might not want. Ha! It’s a little mean, but it makes me giggle. Dae Shik and Jin Hyuk aren’t happy either, but I hope they see the good they do and maybe start to listen to their dispatchers. Bok Nim was able to get the strength to fight back from Kwon Joo. This encouragement is the reason why Bok Nim was able to stay alive until Jin Hyuk came. I hope with our second case, Jin Hyuk can stop and listen to Kwon Joo in time to save Ah Ram. This 7 year old’s life is hanging by a thread.

DeShonda: I love that scene! It was hilarious to watch. Kwon Joo is very determined about who she wants on her team and she is going to get what she wants no matter what. I was so scared for Ah Ram and I was hoping that he would not be found in his hiding place. I hope that Jin Hyuk will listen to Kwon Joo as well. She knows what she is doing, Jin Hyuk just has to be able to trust her.


Alright Dispatchers, was there anything we missed on our investigation? What are you theories about who Rain Coat Dude could be? There’s a lot of information the drama has given to us and we’ve only scratched the surface. Until next time, watch more dramas.


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