The final showdown is just around the corner Dispatchers as our players finally get to meet face to face. There is much we need to discuss with motives being solved, the spy has been found, and a serial killer is playing with his prey. Join Marakeshparrow, DeShonda and myself, Tiara, as we take in our second to last call.

Marakeshsparrow: So for both of these episodes my state of mind could be summed up in two words: FREAKED OUT. I’ve got to hand it to Kim Jae Wook--his acting is superb in this drama. Because he plays a psycho serial killer SO well. The way he’s taken interest in Kwon Joo is so scary! The fact that he just let himself in her apartment and took that photo of her and her dad //shudders//. And did you see the way he got so giddy and child-like when he saw all her research and investigation on her wall? Like he was flattered by her interest in him. I had to laugh because it was so spine-chilling--laughter was the only way I could keep myself from being terrified. What did you gals think?

Tiara: Kim Jae Wook is mesmerizingly as a textbook serial killer. He makes Tae Gu be super charming and creepy in such a horrific way I want to spend more time with. It’s a tab surprising he’s taking these big risk, but on the other hand I think it’s Kwon Joo’s wall which is making him take them. He is after all a serial killer who is taken delight that somewhere has found him out. He’s flattered she was able to connect all his killings as if she’s peeking into his mind. He still plans on killing her, but he’s going to enjoy playing with her in a game of cat and mouse. I just hope the big showdown between Tae Gu and Kwon Joo is as nail biting as him delivering his present to her was.

DeShonda: You are so very right Marakeshsparrow! Kim Jae Wook has played this villain so very well! As I was watching I can’t help but wonder how a man can be so handsome, yet be so deadly. When he discovered where Kwon Joo lived, I was very worried because it showed that he is getting even more closer to her. His obsession of her has turned into big time stalking and that is scary. He is definitely playing a deadly game with her and Jin Hyuk.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG. That scene where he brought her the present was SO INTENSE. The part where she went out into the hall to look for him, and you could just see him in the distance, a creepy shadow lurking, watching...waiting… GAHHHH (I gave myself the shivers again just thinking about it). I will say, something that made me chuckle was that the writers apparently heard our request for more bathtub scenes with Tae Gu. Hahahaha. Now that’s either pure fan service, or Tae Gu just really loves to take baths.

Tiara: At least there wasn’t any “colored bath salts” or blood in the water this time. I couldn’t understand why Kwon Joo would leave the safety of her home. Sure, he’s gotten to her house before, but I’m hoping she change the passcode or locks. It’s the dumb horror trope of the girl going out of the area she’s safe in. I’m glad Jin Hyuk showed up at the right moment. Finally, we got to learn the true motive behind Jin Hyuk’s wife death. She found Tae Gu’s killing space his daddy set up for him. She found out about the homeless going missing and what was happening to them. Tae Gu’s CEO dad shouldn’t have helped his son with his murder like tendences. I watch enough Criminal Mind to know the making of a serial killer starts with killing animals at a young age. You don’t nurture that tendences, but get your son help.

DeShonda: As much as a psycho as he is, I can admit I enjoyed the bathtub scene with Tae Gu. He is so handsome, the fangirl in me can’t help it! When he was in Kwon Joo’s apartment and left her that gift was very creepy. I was hoping that Jin Hyuk would come just in time to help Kwon Joo. And in addition, I was hoping that she would not touch that gift that Tae Gu left for her. But the contents inside that box were just a creepy. I admit changing her locks of her door would have been a great idea, but Tae Gu is so smart, he would have found his way inside somehow I’m sure. It was good to finally see the reason why Jin Hyuk’s wife was murdered. Most of our predictions were correct.

Marakeshsparrow: The terrifying reveal that Tae Gu has been torturing and murdering homeless people in a storage container to “curb” his tendencies of murdering people who would be too noticeable is something else. To think that his father has been enabling his behavior this whole time… //shakes head// I get the feeling that everyone in Tae Gu’s life is actually terrified of him, even his father, but they end up going along with him and trying to protect him from the police almost like they’re trying to stay on his good side. Who knows when he will attack--I really don’t think even his father is safe. Speaking of which, what did you think about Tae Gu murdering Nam Sang Tae and trying to play it off as a suicide? And also, what do you think of the commissioner continuing to help cover up the killer’s tracks just because he’s the son of someone powerful. Do you think the commissioner knows he’s covering for the Raincoat Killer? Maybe he doesn’t realize Tae Gu is as bad as he really is.

Tiara: It’s not surprising Tae Gu killed him. It’s part of his MO when it comes to most of his kills. If they are in his way, he removes them by death. I wouldn’t be shocked to find out Director Kwon is dead and his hair is in the present box. As for Commissioner Bae, he only knows to protect the interest of CEO Mo which means protect Tae Gu. It was CEO Mo who paid for Commissioner Bae to get to his position and he has the money and means to replace him if need be. So in the end, he wants to keep his position, power, and the money. I’m more concerned about Dae Shik being the real informant from the beginning. He has such a good relationship with Jin Hyuk it pains me to think he was betraying him, but thinking he was protecting him at the same time.

DeShonda: No one is safe around Tae Gu that’s for sure! I had a feeling something bad was going to happen to Nam Sang Tae. That scene was very scary when he turned around and Tae Gu was standing right behind him. I am not a fan of the commissioner covering up the mess of the killer. Something bad is bound to happen to him as well sooner or later. I have a feeling that he knows exactly what he is doing.

Marakeshsparrow: Ah! I almost forgot about Dae Shik and that whole storyline seriously concerned me! I really don’t want to believe that Dae Shik is the mole, but it sure is starting to seem that way. I have to give the drama props on that--if Dae Shik is the informant that will be a twist that I really didn’t expect. I’m hoping the drama is just trying to misdirect us though. Or if anything it comes down to him just trying to protect his father.

Tiara: Dae Shik being the leak was a good twist I didn’t see coming. It was Jin Hyuk’s quiet reaction which gave a pull on my heartstrings. I’m worried for him now that his secret is out and Tae Gu might remove him as he is no longer useful. I’m curious about what the Bus Driver signed. Was this some kind of insurance claim? I mean the driver reported the bus needed maintenance work on it and clearly with the bus crash it is probably the cause for the leaking gas and the crash itself. Any ideas what he signed?

DeShonda: I really like Dae Shik and I hope he is not the shady one amongst the precinct. If does happen to be the mole he must be doing it for a reason. Someone is holding something big over his head. I would have never suspected him at all to be shady. I’m not sure what the bus driver signed either, but I was saying to myself please don’t sign it until you read it, but that didn’t happen because his boss was so cruel.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m not sure what it was he signed. But I’m pretty sure it’s going to come back to bite them in the butt because they seemed fairly upset when they heard that there had been an accident. I feel bad for that bus driver. It seems like he’s gotten the short end of the stick and doesn’t really get much of a say in anything. If they had listened to what he’d had to say about repairs, the people on the bus wouldn’t be in the shape they’re in. Let’s hope that Jin Hyuk can get there quickly to help them out. But he’s in an awkward position since he’ll have to leave Tae Gu. I have to say, I’ll be biting my nails until episode 15!

Alright dispatchers - will Jin Hyuk get to the bus in time? Will CEO Daddy once again cover up his son’s kill base? Will our Golden Time Team stop the Raincoat Killer once and for all? 

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