The end is upon us and it finally seems as though justice has been served. Bloody, bloody, terrifying justice. The Raincoat Killer has been caught and met his end, and it seems like Kang Kwon Joo and Moo Jin Hyuk will finally be able to move on from their painful past and look towards the future. Overall, we're pleased with the way this intense series came to an end. What were your thoughts? Join DeShonda, Tiara, and moi, Marakeshsparrow (Jessa Leigh) as we discuss the last episodes of Voice

DeShonda: A lot went on in these final episodes ladies. But lets start with the bus accident. I was on the edge of my seat when Jin Hyuk went in and saved the bus driver. That was a very close call. I am happy that everyone was saved at the end. This accident could have been avoided but the company is just shady all around. And the terms in that contract the bus driver signed was just wrong. I was getting more and more mad as I watched this scene. I’m just happy that the driver lived to tell Jin Hyuk what really happened.

Marakeshsparrow: Oh yeah, that part was definitely a nail-biter! The whole concept of the big business screwing over its employers and putting lives at danger just to cut costs and gain profit--it's something that happens in real life and it makes me sick. I'm just glad Detective Moo was able to get everyone out safely. I was worried for the pregnant woman, her poor husband and that one kid! 

Tiara: It was only a matter of time before all our villains dirty secrets came out. I can’t say I’m surprised the contract the driver was forced to sign was an insurance scam. Not to mention, the company had been pulling this scam on their poor drivers for years. No one noticed because they were homeless people without families. It’s gross how the company considered these drivers no better than animals. Which is probably why Tae Gu is such a psycho. His dad totally taught him how to become a killer. It makes me sympathetic towards the impressionable younger Tae Gu. He saw horrible things which messed up his head. Instead of his father giving him the help he needed, he continue to teach his son how to be a killer.

DeShonda: I agree with you Tiara. I was very happy to finally get the backstory on Tae Gu. I have been waiting for this to be revealed for a while now. As we dove deeper into the episodes, I wondered how did he become this way? Who hurt him when he was younger. Well needless to say, I got my answer. I was very shocked that Tae Gu’s father was a killer at first. The impression that I got is that he was so afraid of Tae Gu. But they say the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, and in this case, it didn’t. When it was revealed that young Tae Gu witnessed his father beating a man, and eventually killing him, I felt bad for Tae Gu. That is something that no young child should witness. You can’t unsee the violence at all and as a result it was engraved in his young mind forever. And of course this led to a domino effect of killings, staring at a very young age. Young Tae Gu killed his dog because he bit his hand. Usually those who are serial killers will start with animals and then work their way up and continue this pattern. And this was the same for Tae Gu. I really would have wished that his father would have helped him when he should have. Tae Gu’s mother tried her best to cover his eyes, but he still was able to witness this horrible murder.

Tiara: Well said DeShonda. CEO Mo molded Tae Gu to use and think of people as a means to his own ends. I think he was shocked by how emotionless his son was by killing the dog, but he never stopped his son’s insanity. He continue to let it grow by giving him space to kill. (The Uncontrollably Fond house is Tae Gu’s murder house, btw). However, CEO Mo isn’t without blood on his hands. He may not use his hands like he did in the past, but he’s been killing his own bus drivers for insurance money. I’m just glad Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo had figured this out.

Marakeshsparrow: CEO Mo definitely has blood on his hands, in more ways than one. His own crimes aside, his complete denial and enabling of his son cost many more lives. The way he covered Tae Gu's tracks is deplorable. I'm only sorry he killed himself before being arrested. He didn't deserve such an easy exit. 

DeShonda: I agree with you 100% There really isn’t a big difference between Tae Gu and CEO Mo at all. As Tiara mentioned, both have been killing people for a very long time. Jin Hyuk and Kwon Jo did indeed have them figured out. Speaking of Jin Hyuk and Kwon Jo, when they went after Tae Gu in the house, I was literally on the edge of my seat. That scene was very exciting to watch. But let me backtrack for a minute. I was so sad that Dae Shik was the ultimate betrayer. I really liked him a lot too. He was Jin Hyuk’s right hand man and dedicated partner. Whenever Jin Hyuk was about to lose control, Dae Shik was always there to calm him down. I just never expected him to be the mole. That was a big plot twist for me. They say keep your enemies close, but wow, I was just heartbroken. Now I can understand the reason why Dae Shik did what he did, I just can’t get over the betrayal. Then when Tae Gu got a hold of him, I felt really bad because I knew it was going to be bad for poor Dae Shik.

Tiara: I’m totally with you DeShonda about Dae Shik. I still think Sang Tae set Dae Shik and his father up. He needed someone to help him cover up the murder of a police officer and a police officer’s wife. Dae Shik’s dad worked as a bus driver for CEO Mo’s company. Sang Tae was brought in to protect Tae Gu. I believe Dae Shik was a victim first, but came to accept he had no power and did horrible things for them. It broke my heart seeing him talk to his hyung. It’s a hard scene to watch with all the emotions from these two men, but it’s some powerful stuff. It’s not surprising Dae Shik goes to Tae Gu to arrest him or die trying. I was just scared he wouldn’t make it. Thank goodness Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo arrived when they did. They may have walked into a trap with a psycho, but it was going to be an epic showdown. We all knew Tae Gu was insane, but his “connection” with Kwon Joo was just creepy. He knows about her hearing ability and tries to say they are both different from everyone else. Um, she doesn’t kill people and killing people isn’t an ability.

Marakeshsparrow: Can I just say that I think the scene between Detective Mo and Dae Shik was absolutely stunning. It may have been my favorite moment in this whole serious--the moment the felt the most real and devastating to me. The acting was totally on point and the beauty was I could see each side: how Dae Shik did what he did from a place of defeat, pain, and fear. And how Jin Hyuk would obviously feel so betrayed. Amazing work. 

DeShonda: I absolutely believe that Sang Tae set up Dae Shik and his father as well, and for the exact same reasons Tiara mentioned. That scene between Dae Shik and Jin Hyuk was very heartbreaking to watch. Jin Hyuk realized everything that was going on, and he gave Dae Shik the chance to come clean. I just can’t get over the betrayal. Always when I get attached to a character I like, they end up being shady. However, I was very happy that Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo found him before Tae Gu hurt him even more. Ultimate Showdown are the perfect words for the scene between Tae Gu, Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk. I knew that Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo were going to catch Tae Gu, but just like a cat, this man has nine lives. It seems like nothing was stopping him from getting caught. And he had all kind of people in the hospital covering for him. That Tae Gu is very sneaky and sly.

Tiara: Hahahaha, Tae Gu is a cat. I love that analogy DeShonda. It’s so true as CEO daddy was calling in all his favors to try to “save” his son. Commissioner Bae knew he should have listened to Jin Hyuk towards the end. Prosecutor Park told CEO Mo there was nothing he could do to stop the investigation and abandon ship. Tae Gu may be a cat chasing his prey for most of the drama, but his prey is pretty clever. Kwon Joo knows the right buttons to push. The scene on the rooftop with Kwon Joo, Tae Gu, and Jin Hyuk was the highlight of the drama. Both Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk could have become a monster, but they chose the legal way for justice. Their job as police officers is to catch the bad guys, not to become them. It’s a great end of Tae Gu’s terror and a good way for our heroes to find their closure.

DeShonda: Yes indeed the rooftop scene was the highlight! I was wondering what Jin Hyuk was going to do because he and Kwon Joo had Tae Gu right where they wanted him. Jin Hyuk took the high road and I know that must have been difficult for him. After what Tae Gu did to his wife I know he wanted to kill him. But as the saying goes, Karma Is A Bitch and What Goes Around Comes Around, and boy oh boy did it ever come full circle on Tae Gu! Would it be wrong of me to say that the end was satisfying to watch? At first I thought it was all a dream, I just knew the drama wasn’t going to end like that. As I mentioned, Tae Gu is a cat and I was looking for him to get out of that one, but there was no running away.

Marakeshsparrow: Omg... that ending hospital scene. NUTS. ⋆* ⁑⋆* (๑•﹏•)⋆* ⁑⋆*

Tiara: LOL … no it’s totally not wrong DeShonda. As you said, this is karma. I just wished the drama didn’t add the voice over confirming his death. I like the idea of not really knowing if it’s his mind at work or he was horribly killed. Either way for me, it would be a satisfying ending with justice. I am curious about the Doctor. Is this the drama’s way of saying there is hope for a second season? Despite the drama not being perfect, I really enjoyed it overall. Lee Ha Na and Jang Hyuk were fantastic. Kim Jae Wook was brilliant as a charming and creepy serial killer. The drama ended with justice being held out to all and most survive (fingers cross Dae Shik wakes up).

DeShonda: I am curious about the Doctor too. I was wondering if he was getting revenge on Tae Gu for killing someone close to him perhaps. I would love a season two of this drama! I really enjoyed this one from beginning to end. The writing, character development, and cast all were very good. I really loved Lee Ha Na and Jang Hyuk as well and they did an awesome job. I really loved Kim Jae Wook as the villain too. How can someone be so handsome yet so deadly is beyond me, but he really played the part very well. I hope Dae Shik wakes up from his coma. He did move his finger, so a Season Two could be promising.

Marakeshsparrow: I don't know, I think I'm pretty set without a season 2. Voice had it's interesting/thrilling moments, but it definitely wouldn't be ranked very high on my list of favorite dramas. I'll leave the sequel to you two. (; ̄ー ̄)

So what did you think of Voice? Was this one of your top dramas, or did it miss the mark? We had mixed opinions and want to hear yours! Let us know in the comments below! And happy drama watching~


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