This week had us on the edge of our seats! We were definitely sweating here in the Dispatch Center, wondering what was going to happen and whether Detective Moo would be able to save the day or not. Again we’re left on a cliff-hanger (OMG SO painful) but for now, join DeShonda, Tiara and me, Marakeshsparrow as we break down episodes 3 & 4 of VOICE.

Tiara: Well Ah Ram’s case was nail biting and had an interesting twist to the whole thing. I was so worried for Ah Ram when Mom found him in the washer. But lucky Kwon Joo is able to keep her talking while Jin Hyuk and Dae Shik continued to find the apartment.

DeShonda: Nail biting are the perfect words to describe this scene. I was so nervous watching how this entire scene played out. When Ah Ram’s mother found him, I was very scared to watch what was going to happen next. My heart really was going out for him. But then as you mentioned, this case had an interesting turn of events. I didn’t see any of what happened next coming at all. After watching when all the pieces came together, I felt bad for Ah Ram’s mother.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG--I have to say though, that moment when Ah Ram’s mom leaned over the washing machine and peered in at him -- HOLY CRAP. That was so creepy. I did eventually feel bad for her, but still… the things she did to those children. Terrifying.

Tiara: It’s the cycle of abuse. I don’t think Ah Ram’s Mom wanted to do those horrible things to him. She is as much of a victim as Ah Ram. I was scared Ah Ram was dead by the time Jin Hyuk showed up to the apartment. I mean Mom’s abuser was there and took him, but to where and who is this monster? I do think Jin Hyuk is starting to believe Kwon Joo’s gift.

DeShonda: I was afraid that Ah Ram was dead as well. He was very badly injured and lost a lot of blood too. I was hoping that he would be OK and that Jin Hyuk would find him alive. I knew that the abuser was someone close to Ah Ram’s mother and he was literally right under her nose. I was just surprised when he was revealed. It’s always the ones that you least suspect that end up being the monster. When he led Jin Hyuk in the boiler room, that’s when the hair on my arm started to stand up. I realized that something is not right with him at all. That scene was just very intense and scary. I believe that finally Jin Hyuk is starting to trust Kwon Joo as well.

Marakeshsparrow: One thing I will say about this drama, is that honestly, I’ve been able to guess almost all the major twists they’ve had in the “story arc of the week.” Once it showed the old security guard was building a wind chime out of teeth //shudders// I knew something was wrong. I like the suspense, but I feel like I haven’t gotten any surprises.

Tiara: When Jin Hyuk had a hunch the security guard could be the abuse and accepted that drink, I was yelling at my computer screen “Don’t drink it”. Thank goodness, Jin Hyuk is a fantastic actor. It was all fake to get the security guard to admit to his crimes, but boy the boiler room scene had me on the edge of my seat. He totally encourage Kwon Joo to listen to find where Ah Ram was hiding. It was a great moment when they worked together to find him. I just hope your right DeShonda. I hope he is starting to trust her.

DeShonda: That was awesome to witness Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo work together to find Ah Ram in the boiler room. It was that moment that I felt Jin Hyuk was starting to open up a bit and trust Kwon Joo. It was amazing how she knew where Ah Ram was just by his tapping, and she directed Jin Hyuk in the right direction perfectly. I don’t think that scene could not have been played out any better. Something tells me that Jin Hyuk may be need a little more convincing, but he is opening up to her. The both of them need each other and they work so well together.

Marakeshsparrow: Is anyone else starting to sail the Jin Hyuk/Kwon Joo ship? I feel like they could have a really intense, sexy relationship. Also they make really great partners.

Tiara: They do work very well together which means there is hope they can catch the Raincoat Killer. There is something rotten happening in the police department. Kwon Joo’s Dad was the first arriving officer at Jin Hyuk’s wife’s murder, but for some reason it was documented Dad was killed during a ‘hit & run’. I wonder what the connection between Dong Chul and the killer is too? Did the killer pay off Dong Chul to take his place? There’s more to this story, but we might never know since Dong Chul was brutally murder by the Raincoat Killer.

DeShonda: You and I are on the same page with this one Tiara. There is something very shady going on in the police department indeed. I know it’s still very early, but I am trying to put the pieces together and figure out the connection between Dong Chul and the Raincoat Killer as well. I was thinking the same as you, that the Raincoat Killer may have paid Dong Chul off. I was happy to see the backstory of Kwon Joo’s father because I was wondering how he died. But now I have more questions than answers after watching. Something is still not right this entire situation.

Tiara: For sure, there is something odd going on. I mean the Violent Crime Unit is already calling the death a suicide. Where is evidence? Just because he has a note and he fell doesn’t mean anything. Do the wounds match what a fall would make? The Violent Crime Unit is jumping the gun on this before they evening process the scene. I smell police cover up.

DeShonda: You are absolutely right Tiara. There is no evidence whatsoever. I was thinking that this has to be a cover up as well. Something is very messy about this and I don’t like it at all. But what is in the dark will come out in the light. But that’s what makes this drama so interesting to me. It keeps me guessing and it’s not straightforward. Nothing is never what it seems and this situation is not going to be different I think.

Marakeshsparrow: There has definitely been some sort of cover-up within the police. Why else would they push the 911 Response team as being responsible for Detective Moo’s wife’s death? It’s like they had to find some scapegoat (including Dong Chul) to misdirect attention away from internal affairs.

Tiara: The drama is feeding us little puzzle pieces. There is no rushing to explain anything just yet. However, the drama is trying to misdirect us with our third case. The kidnapping of Eun Soo’s little sister, Eun Byul. One way to make sure Eun Soo accepts the invite to the Golden Time team when they do find Eun Byul, but I’m getting ahead of myself. This case had some interesting turns too. Who knew the nice middle school teacher would be such a creep and a murder?

Marakeshsparrow: //raises hand// Ehem.

DeShonda: Misdirect is the perfect word to describe this the third case Tiara. This is the perfect example that nothing is not what it seems. The kidnapping of Eun Byul took a big turn that I was not ready for at all. I did not suspect the middle school teacher at all. In fact he was the last person I suspected would be a monster. I was thinking the other guy was bad news, but I was wrong. The middle school teacher gave me the creeps.

Marakeshsparrow: This was another turn that was completely expected for me. As a screenwriter, I know you don’t show or introduce anything “randomly”--there was a reason we were introduced to the Middle School Teacher as Eun Byul’s “boyfriend” and that got me suspicious from the get go. He wasn’t the one who actually took her, but I could sense he was involved. He was too squeaky clean. And too interested (like when he followed Grandma to the police station--even Detective Moo was a bit thrown off by that).

Tiara: Kyung Il’s jaw has the same crackle of the Raincoat Killer too. I’m calling out the drama for trying to troll us into believing the he’s the Raincoat Killer. I believe he might know the dude as it seems like serial killers in dramaland hangout together, but they don’t got the same build at all. Also, Kwon Joo is a bad a** with her moves. She can take care of herself until Kyung Il’s accomplice hits her over the head. Jin Hyuk better hurry as the Golden Time is ticking down for Kwon Joo and Eun Byul.

Marakeshsparrow: Now that has me a bit confused. I know he’s not the Raincoat killer, but how does he know about the jaw crackle? And how does he know Kwon Joo heard and recognized that? What is the connection? I think we’ll need a few more episodes until I can make a guess at this.

DeShonda: I believe we are getting trolled as well. I am glad you mentioned that the Raincoat Killer and Kyung Il has some type of connection. I believe that there has to be one between them. All of them are connected in some way. I was on the edge of my seat when Kwon Joo was attacked. I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen to her. That scene was a bit creepy. I didn’t like her being herself with that guy, however, she can take care of herself no doubt about that. But Jin Hyuk and the Golden Time Team is very close to rescuing her. I just hope they get there in time.

Marakeshsparrow: When Kwon Joo spin kicked that guy to the face I was cheering! She is a total bad a$$ gizibe! It’s too bad that other guy was there or she would have had that situation totally under control.

Tiara: I don’t think the drama will kill off it’s female lead this early. So it’s a safe bet Kwon Joo will be saved soon. I’m more worried for Eun Byul. I hope she’s okay and they can find her soon. I do believe our Golden Time Team is starting to form nicely which is good because they are going to need all the help they can get to track down the Raincoat Killer.

Marakeshsparrow: Agreed. Jin Hyuk is looking for her and close by--I’m sure he’ll be able to rescue her and perhaps get a bit close? //nudge nudge hint hint// //sails ship// //waves flag//

Well that’s all for this week from the Dispatch Center! We’ve been left with a mondo cliff-hanger and don’t know whether Kwon Joo OR Eun Byul will survive. Let’s hope our Golden Team is able to bring them back safe and continue their hunt for the Raincoat Killer. Join us next week for more discussion on the VOICE Drama Club!


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