Things are starting to get weird in the Dispatch Center. Today’s cases include face-off, more kidnapping, and a mysterious, hunky, & nutty guy is introduce. Come join Firnlambe, DeShonda, and I, Tiara, as we discuss the wacky new world we’ve walked into.

Tiara: I’m totally feeling for Granny. Sure, she seems like she down right crazy, but she’s clearly not. She just stumble into the wrong place at the wrong time. Not to mention, the real Granny (the dead body) may have come across as mean spirited but the lady was super nice and caring. Such a tragic story for all parties.

Marakeshsparrow: Ok… so I have to say, the drama started to loose me at the whole plastic surgery to look like the real landlord of the building bit… I appreciate that the story was much more complicated than we initially thought (senile, bully landlord had much more in her closet than just a body!) But… back-alley reconstructive plastic surgery? Did you see the conditions of that make-shift operating room? It was basically just one of the thugs with some scalpels and a towel on the floor of some random bedroom. WTF?!?! Were they really able to perfectly replicate the other Granny’s face with those circumstances? I found myself laughing out loud about this, because I wasn’t able to suspend my disbelief THAT much. Also, why create such a complicated plan? AND how do they explain the fact that her voice changed when they changed her face? //shakes head// I have so many questions.

DeShonda: After looking at backstory of the Granny, I have to say that it was very sad. I agree that it was wrong place and time for her to get mixed up in this mess. The conditions of the plastic surgery room were horrible! I found myself asking the same questions as you did, especially about her voice changing.

Tiara: Oh I left my disbelief at the door episodes ago considering this drama has a lady who can see by hearing. Back alley surgery is just one more crazy thing to add to the list. Wait until we get to the psycho who thinks he can harm people by looking at them. We enter crazy town and we should just get comfy as it will be a bumpy ride.

Marakeshsparrow: Well you’ve got a point there. I guess I need to let go of my grasp on reality and just go along for the ride. But despite the crazy idea of Kwon Joo with super sonic hearing because of her temporary blindness as a teen, I was still kind of trying to explain away some of the more questionable things. Granny Face-Off crossed that last barrier for me though. Haha! It was certainly an interesting plot twist though. So what did you think about Detective Moo’s abduction and INSANE fight and getaway? (Talk about suspension of disbelief)

DeShonda: OMG that was crazy! I was on the edge of my seat watching that entire scene. Detective Moo is a really good fighter and I knew he had to find a way to get out. He’s not called Crazy Dog for nothing!

Tiara: I find him to be like Batman, but without the money. He can get himself out of any pickle while kicking the crap out of you. His nickname is very befitting. I will say my favorite part this week has to be when Kwon Joo mic dropped when she told Commissioner Bae about the evidence of Kyung Il’s murder. I’m still wondering how he’s connected to conspiracy.

Marakeshsparrow: He’s definitely connected to the conspiracy somehow! But I’m wondering how deep it goes for him? Maybe he’s not totally crooked, maybe was just bought off somehow. Perhaps he doesn’t even know the truth of the murders. Who knows? I kind of hope there are some other decent cops in their unit though because it will be hard for Kwon Joo and Detective Moo (Crazy Dog lol--definitely a fitting name) to go up against the Raincoat Killer and his web of evil criminals without support from someone else with political pull. Speaking of the Raincoat Killer--you were totally right Tiara! The Assassin they wanted us to believe was the killer is definitely not. ANNNND it’s looking like we were both right about the real perp being a wealthy young Chaebol type. I’m still wondering what that jaw clicking thing is about though. He said something about tightening the screw in the Assassin’s jaw? Hmmmm… curiouser and curiouser.

DeShonda: I am still wondering about the jaw clicking as well. Maybe he broke his jaw and now it’s held back together with screws perhaps?

Tiara: Haha! It could be screws or it could be TMJ. Oh Kim Jae Wook … why do you have to be a psycho serial killer? I knew the man in black couldn’t be the Raincoat killer. The built and voice didn’t fit. Is Tae Gu is the CEO’s son of the Development company that Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk are looking for? It would make perfect sense. I have no words for the crazy of Tae Gu. I mean he stared at one of the Violent Crimes detectives and had a psychotic vision of taking his month away. He actually believes he did this. If he’s the Raincoat Killer, which I think he is, what is he envisioning when he’s killing? The dude needs to committed into a mental facility.

Marakeshsparrow: I think he’s the Raincoat Killer too! I wonder if his murders are more or less random though (except the times he was covering his tracks). Like would his father and their shady cohorts really want him to kill the way he does? I feel like he’s gone rogue. OR the others don’t even know the extent of his psychotic killings (except maybe the Assassin who covered for him for whatever reason). That part where he came to kill the Granny? And then the way he brutally killed her and freaked out on her? INSANE. Not the mention the way he displayed her body. (On a side note, that was another moment that kind of killed me--no pun intended. The cops were looking around the apartment and Dae Shik looks in that room and at first thinks it’s fine, but something calls him back to check further. And then he slips on a HUGE puddle of blood. He didn’t notice that right away? lolol) What did you think about what they found at the crime scene? Pretty disturbing stuff, huh?

DeShonda: That crime scene was very disturbing indeed. That scene you described Marakeshsparrow really had me shook as well. I couldn’t help but to notice the biblical references at the scene as well.

Tiara: To be fair, the lights are out and they are only using flash lights. Not to mention, the clutter in the apartment isn’t making things easier for the guys. I can’t say I’m surprise he didn’t see the blood. The crime scene is interesting in that the Raincoat Killer so far wasn’t religious in his kills. The fact he left this victim like being on the cross and the bible verse makes this different and interesting. He also left a note to Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk, they are next. It’s creepy for sure, but I just want to pick Tae Gu’s mind and figure out what makes him tick.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m worried about Kwon Joo and our Crazy Dog now that the Raincoat Killer has made them his direct targets. I think that whole crime scene was a show aimed at them. I’m sure he knew they would be the ones to find the body since they’ve been on his tail. I guess it’s not 100% confirmed that Tae Gu is the Raincoat Killer, but it sure is looking like he is. I’m very interested to learn more about his story and what created such a heinous murderer.

Dispatchers what do you think about the ride to crazy town? Do you agree the Raincoat Killer is Tae Gu? Until next time, watch more dramas!

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