The shocks, thrills, and punches never stop flying in this drama! This week we were whiplashed through emotions as one dangerous situation after another came at us. It’s been an incredibly intense couple of days for Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk, anyway. Will they ever be able to catch up to their arch-enemy, the dreaded Raincoat Killer? Or will he get to them (and their loved ones) first? Join Tiara, DeShonda, and me, Marakeshsparrow as we discuss episodes 9 & 10 of Voice.

Marakeshsparrow: This week’s episodes were pretty intense, to say the least. I was shaken when Hyun Ho suddenly snapped at his DJing gig and took a random girl hostage with a huge knife. And all those leaked papers that said he was a drug dealer and member of a gang in L.A.? I knew it surely wasn’t true, but I was a little bit worried. What about you ladies?

Tiara: I totally agree with you. The drama was trying to set it up as it could be the truth, but it was clearly a bait and switch. Hyun Ho may have a hidden past we don’t know about, but I didn’t think he was a killer. This episode does show the uses of this day and age of the internet: the good and the bad. Stalking is a big issue online and in the real world. I don’t understand the point of the set-up at the club. Was Hyun Ho’s stalker wanting to spend time in prison with him?


DeShonda: I was hoping that Hyun Ho wasn’t a killer. The first thing that came to my mind is that someone must have set him up. I was trying to figure out the point of setting him up as well Tiara. I think that you might be right that he wanted to spend time with him. That entire scene was just scary to me.

Marakeshsparrow: I have to say, this drama uses some crazy logic for dealing with problems. Need to take over a block of flats? Kill the aging landlord, pin it on a mentally handicapped man, blackmail his sister into back-alley facial reconstructive surgery to look like the landlord so they can slowly claim the building… sure that makes sense. Seems easy! Or, having trouble winning the love of your Super Junior bias? Stalking him doesn’t work? Why don’t you dress like a woman, drug him, make him think you’re *not actually* the person stalking him, tell him that if he doesn’t take a random woman hostage by knife you’re going to kill everyone with a very complex rigging system that will drop hydrochloric acid onto club-goers below. //shakes head//


Tiara: Apparently, no one on the Golden Time Team is safe. The cases the team has been a part of have been super crazy and I’m hoping the rest of the cases aren’t that insane to believe. I may have thrown my belief in the reality of this drama out the door long ago, but I still want some well thought-out cases. The drama is finally throwing up some clues at the dirty cops. We know Commissioner Bae is totally on Team Bad’s payroll. We also know why Chief Jung turned to the dark side as he’s been blackmailed. Will the Golden Time Team save Chief Jung or will they turn him in for all his dirty deeds?

DeShonda: I agree with you Tiara. No one is safe at all. The cases that the Golden Time Team have had are very intense and it seems like each one gets more intense than the previous ones. I have a feeling that the cases will continue to up the ante. There are some dirty cops, that’s for sure. I am hoping that the Golden Time Team will turn Chief Jung in for his dirt.

Marakeshsparrow: Ok, so I have to backtrack and pull out a soapbox for a second (I know, I know, this is just Drama Club. But I have to say something) I’m torn on the portrayal of Yang Ho Shik’s character (Love8080) — I’m always pleased when there are LGBTQ storylines in K-dramas, but often they’re marginalized or cast in a negative light. This isn’t that surprising because Western film and tv (Hollywood) first started showing gay characters marginally and/or as the antagonists/insane killers. The argument for that time was “any acknowledgment is a step forward.” Then as the years went on, queer filmmakers and activists pushed for more positive and diverse portrayals of the LGBTQ community. SO on the one hand, this seems like the Korean drama industry is taking a step forward by having more and more appearances of queer characters in scripts. However, as a queer woman myself, and in light of things happening in the US, seeing this character who is vaguely hinted at as being a transvestite (and possibly even transsexual) as insane, sociopathic and murderous makes me cringe a little. //takes a deep breath// Ok. Sorry. The soapbox has been put away.

Tiara: You make a good point - LGBTQ storylines in KDramas tend to be on the extreme side. Sadly, dramaland hasn’t been as progressive, but I think a lot of that is due to the networks. There are some strict Broadcast Standards and Practices in Korea. Voice was being submitted due to the violent context not being suitable for the age rating. It will take time for dramaland to catch up and hopefully have some interesting storylines for everyone to enjoy one day.

DeShonda: I’m always glad to see diversity in K-Dramas and I was happy to see the character in this one. It’s something that you don’t see often at all in K-Dramas. I think it shows that some networks are open to diversity, but I do agree that Korea does have some very strict rules when it comes to broadcasting. I did read recently that the rest of the episodes will receive a 19+ rating going forward due to its violent content. But I agree with you, and the same thing can be said about people of color who are often casts as killers and such in movies and television shows. Hopefully, things will get better.

Tiara: Speaking of Killers, what is Tae Gu up too? He went to visit Dong Woo, Jin Hyuk’s son, at the hospital. Is this his message to Jin Hyuk that he can harm him at anytime? Because that is cold. However, it’s a safe bet that Hostess Madam is dead. I’m curious where he put the body.


Marakeshsparrow: Tae Gu, Tae Gu, Tae Gu. I think it’s pretty clear he’s our Raincoat killer at this point (still wondering how they’ll bring in the jaw clicking with him since Kwon Joo heard that over that first emergency call), and it also seems like he may have been trained by Nam Sang Tae in some way. Trained to be a killer? Me thinks Tae Gu probably took it a little far, though. And now they’re targeting Jin Hyuk’s son… It really frustrated me that it was so easy for both Tae Gu and another hitman to get into the poor boy’s room. If I was Detective Moo, I would have been furious with the security standards at the hospital, and no wonder he chased down that hitman like his tail was on fire. But I’m also totally creeped out by how easily Tae Gu was able to slip into the Madam’s office, take out her EYE and then hide her body somewhere? Unless she’s still alive, which honestly is almost as terrifying a prospect. He’s some special brand of crazy all right.

DeShonda: That scene had me on the edge of my seat. I was so scared for Jin Hyuk’s son. I kept saying to myself I hope that Tae Gu doesn't hurt the child. I was frustrated as well at how easy it was for him to get into the room. And I was wondering where is the security at the hospital! And I thought it was very creepy that Tae Gu got into the Madame’s office. I was wondering if she is still alive too.

Tiara: There’s no way she’s alive. The dead can’t speak and tell secrets. It seems like we’re just getting started with the cat-and-mouse game. It will be a crazy and insane ride, but can we have more bath scenes? I don’t care if he’s a psychopath.


Marakeshsparrow: Ok, you caught me. I have to admit it, as much as I hate to. Tae Gu is definitely one hunky killer. //shakes head// What is wrong with us? LOL

So that’s all folks and fellow detectives! Once again we’re left on another epic cliffhanger and have to wait a whole week for answers (a/n: or in this case, a day --apologies to the readers for the late upload! At least the wait is almost over) Will Kwon Joo realize that Tae Gu is the one she’s looking for, and will she ever be able to outwit him to catch the killer? Will Jin Hyuk be able to get out of the sticky situation he’s currently in? We’ll find out soon enough! Join us next week for another round of Voice Drama Club!


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