Hello everyone and welcome back to the Voice Drama Club!  In these episodes the Golden Time Team continues to save lives when they realize that the culprit is one they may have overlooked. The team then discovers more information about what happened the night Jin Hyuk’s wife was murdered. Sang Tae tries to outsmart Tae Gu and we discover Tae Gu's gruesome collection. Join Tiara, Marakeshsparrow and I as we discuss these and other topics in this weeks episodes of Voice.

Tiara: There’s a few moments this week which genuinely creeped me out. The first one has to be the picture being missing from Kwon Joo’s safe haven. It’s disturbing that someone was able to break into the one place she created for the world not be break in. The next creepy moment is Tae Gu’s collect. I mean we knew he was psycho, but one who collects hair and blushes it. Okay and the last moment, that was blood in the tub right? I mean it wasn’t some colored bath salts, but Tae Gu is literally bathing in the blood of his victims. Does Raincoat Killer not like his nickname and wants to be know as the new Dracula?

Marakeshsparrow: Haha! Tae Gu the Impaler! That part definitely creeped me out. I mean, we knew the Raincoat killer was a cruel and heartless murderer, but somehow seeing the things he’s been doing lately and then seeing his /collection/ really seemed to step it up a notch. Tae Gu is a complete psycho, through and through. And how many victims has he had? It seemed like he had a lot of hair in that case of his. It was so freaky watching him casually brush and fondle his hair trophies. //shivers//

DeShonda: Creepy is the perfect word to describe Tae Gu. I knew he had a few screws loose, but his collection is very scary. I was wondering how many people he actually killed as well. It looks like he has been killing for a long time. And the Madame’s dead body behind him was very disturbing.

Tiara: Too many victims I’d say. I wonder if he talks to his trophies too. I mean I wouldn’t put it past him. I’m really worried about Tae Gu’s interest in Kwon Joo. He’s seemed surprised she is “living” well. I think it’s safe to say he’s the one who took her picture from her house which is another creepy factor. Not to mention, he’s text to her asking for a meeting. I admit I was yelling to my computer screen, “Don’t do it!! It’s a trap!!”

Marakeshsparrow: I’m not too worried for Kwon Joo just yet. I think Tae Gu’s interest in her has her safe, at least until he’s done playing with her. He’s definitely fascinated by her in a sick way--it really surprised me that he’d remembered her and it seemed like he’d thought about her often, almost like an obsession! Also, what was the whole thing with leaving a toy for Jin Hyuk’s son? It turned out to just be a toy robot, nothing else. He’s just got such creepy and odd motives, I don’t understand what’s going through his brain! Even the people on his side, even Nam Sang Tae thinks Tae Gu is insane. When a dude like that thinks you’re crazy evil, I think you’ve got a problem. What did you think about the “story of the week”? That whole situation definitely did not play out the way I expected!

DeShonda: When Kwon Joo got that text message I was yelling at the TV too. I hope if she goes she will have a lot of backup because she is dealing with a complete psycho. And I am almost certain that he was the one who stole the picture of Kwon Joo and her father. What also creeps me out about that is he knows where she lives and he has seen everything on her crime board. I was afraid that there was more to that toy that was given to Jin Hyuk’s son. Something still seems very suspicious to me about that entire situation. Wow I was not expecting the “story of the week” to take the turn that it did at all.

Tiara: It was an interesting twist. It’s about time we start to learn the why Raincoat Killer killed Jin Hyuk’s wife. The drama has done a good job of connecting these cases to the overall arc of the story. I’m just not sure I’m buying his wife doing some shady business on the side or being unfaithful. My first thoughts about why she got killed was wrong place, wrong time. Chul Han has something to do with it, but I think she was probably just being a good human being.

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, I definitely don’t buy that she was having some sort of affair with a man she was looking after as a social worker. I think she was a good person with a kind heart, so if she went the extra mile for him and always looked for him when he went missing, it’s because her heart went out to him. She wanted him to be safe! He might have even reminded her of a little brother. But nonetheless, I think she was out, trying to take responsibility for him and bring him to the shelter when the Raincoat killer came upon her. The only thing I’m wondering about--the Raincoat killer had said something about how she shouldn’t have gotten in his way, or meddled with him, or something? What was that all about?

DeShonda: I agree with both of you. I don’t believe that Jin Hyuk’s wife was unfaithful either. She was bringing Jin Hyuk food when she was murdered, so I think she was at the wrong place. I was wondering why the Raincoat Killer meant by saying that too Marakeshsparrow.

Tiara: Her human kindness towards Chul Han is probably got her killed. She tried to protect and take care of Chul Han which lead her to get in the middle the Raincoat Killer’s plan. It’s the same reason why there are empty bags for Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk in Tae Gu’s suitcase. They are meddling in his plan and must be eliminated and judge. First, he’s going to play with his food before he kills them. It’s why the robot was delivered to Jin Hyuk’s son and why the picture was taken from Kwon Joo’s place. He wants to make them feel unsafe. I’m curious what kind of dirt Sang Tae left in his briefcase the police have.


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